February Favourites

I'm not sure if I'm going to do a blog post for every favourites that I have but I felt like it this month so here we go! I am so sorry that my favourites are all over the place and I've just put in some random things haha. My first favourite are two things … Continue reading February Favourites


Huda Beauty battle of the palettes.

Hi my loves, Sorry for the lack of posts recently life has just been catching up with me and I've been super busy but anyway lets get on to what you really came here for! The Huda Beauty palettes! When I bought the Huda Beauty Rose gold edition palette I had been trying to get … Continue reading Huda Beauty battle of the palettes.

Estée Edit Review

There is no doubt about it when Estée Lauder came out with the Estée Edit everyone was  impressed including myself that Estée Lauder had brought out a range for younger people. I for one was very excited as I had always looked at the products that my mum bought from Estée Lauder and they never really … Continue reading Estée Edit Review

JaclynHillXMorphe Palette Review

I realise that this palette has now been out for a little while now but I wanted to give my honest and full review of this pallet having tested and used it. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love Morphe, but everything I have bought from them in the past has been from beauty bay.com … Continue reading JaclynHillXMorphe Palette Review

Becca Cosmetics is an amazing company!!

I have been holding off posting this just because I wanted to be able to give a quick little review about each product I had been sent and now I feel like I can fully say my opinions on all these products eeee! After the whole  fiasco with the Jaclyn Hill x Becca Cosmetics eyeshadow … Continue reading Becca Cosmetics is an amazing company!!

New Beauty Favs

Yes I know a few of these items aren't technically new and have been popular online for a while but they're all new additions to me and have quickly become my favourites.  I'll start with my two new brushes because they were what I was most excited for when I ordered them from beautybay. I … Continue reading New Beauty Favs

Charlotte Tilbury Goodies

I feel like a lot of the beauty community have been falling back in love with the wonderful makeup brand that is Charlotte Tilbury recently. Personally I have always been a massive fan of her products especially her lipsticks and lip liners. I feel like this is what the brand absolutely excels in. However I've … Continue reading Charlotte Tilbury Goodies