Back to School: My Stationary essentials.

‘& not so essentials’ should probably be added to that title but all in all everything on this blog post to me is a great thing to have for school, college, uni or wherever you’re going / doing this September.

  • An academic year calendar, to me this is super essential to write EVERYTHING and I mean everything down including all the details. From all your deadlines to your P1050007timetable even to your friends birthdays and nights off you need to factor in. Having one of these is probably my no 1 essential for the academic year.
  • A Wall Planner, whilst a calendar is great you have to flick through every page to find all the details of the for example exam you have coming up. Whereas if you have a wall planner you can stick it up above your desk and quickly see what you have coming up in the next week, month or even few months its all there on one sheet.
  • P1050014Notebooks and Sketchbooks and more Notebooks, for me this is the one I go a little crazy on. Having a variety of different notebooks all for different uses is great. I like to have a few which I can write down everything all scribbly and messy in lectures to get down every detail, one with all the neat notes written up from those messy notes, another for my to do list for that day (or week or month) and another for just generic lists or things I need to remember. Personally I love working with lists because then I feel accomplished when I can scribble something off my to do list.
  • Biro Pens, now I’m definitely one that cannot own a posh fancy fountain pen because it will be lost in a week within me having it. Or it’ll be chewed to pieces (yes I’m that gross person who can’t help knawing on the end of their pen….) For me just bog standard biro pens work the best, I don’t feel so attached to them when I inevitably lose it and the black ones are the only ones I can use in exams so I just P1050016use them all year round. They’re also cheaper than their fancy alternative so that’s always a bonus.
  • My label maker, this little guy is my absolute favourite thing in the world. I like to label everything now and I feel so much more organised for it. Having labels on the front of my notebooks and everything means I can quickly know where everything is (or where it should be!)
  • Washi Tape and Stickers, got to be honest this is what I meant by ‘not so essentials’ you don’t have to have pretty washi tape to decorate your notebooks but if anything can help you pick up your notebooks without looking at them in disgust then you should try it. I picked up some cheap little llama stickers in the Paperchase sale and P1050022some Washi tape to decorate my books and its not necessary but its cute so hey ho.
  • Gold Star stickers, this one is definitely not essential and is very juvenile, for those of you who are actually going back to school you may still even get these but in college and uni I find there isn’t the most recognition for little bits of work you do throughout the year so why not reward yourself when you’ve done that pre-seminar work with a little gold star it sounds silly but I feel it could really help.
  • Books, reading for me is something I really want to get back into. As a child I was such a little bookworm my parents were constantly having to get me new books for me. So this academic year I want to get a little bit out of the habit of scrolling through instagram when I’m bored and just read a chapter of a book instead. Lily Pebbles’ new book and Five years from now are two books I’ve picked up to read recently.

So there does it some of my essentials that I’m taking to uni and will all probably feature on my desk for the year. I’m really excited to get back and start reading and studying again (never thought I’d say that). If there are any of your essential stationary items that you think I’ve missed please leave me a comment down below and we can have a little chat in the comments.


Love Em



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