My summer essentials 2018

Hey everyone, its been a while I know and I’m sorry about that. I’ve been working on growing my youtube and instagram, which are both just emilykataraina if you fancy following me over there (you don’t have to of course but I though I would mention it). But anyway lets get into my beauty essentials for the summer.

The three letters SPF are absolutely key in my summer skincare and makeup routine, well they are all year round but especially in summer. Thats why three of my favourite essential products that always come out at this time of year are focused around SPF. I’ll sound like your mum here now but it’s so important to look after your skin – after all it’s the only skin we get. If you don’t look after your skin it promotes premature aging and nobody wants that!


So if you want to prevent ageing you HAVE to wear SPF. Some of my favourite products are the No 7 Day cream which has SPF15 in which obviously doesn’t have the highest SPF but I like to layer this because it’s a cheap and cheerful moisturiser thats easily accessible and honestly just a nice moisturiser to use for day to day. I’m the kind of person that if I buy something expensive I won’t use it as much because I want to preserve it (weird I know). But when I buy something from the high street / drugstore I’ll use it all up because I know its cheaper and easier to get my hands on (does that make sense???). That’s one of the main reasons why I love this moisturiser.

The next SPF I absolutely love is the one for if I’m doing a glam look for during the day when I’ll be out an about. I hate the feeling of normal sunscreens (that is why I love the No 7 moisturiser it just feels like a normal moisturiser) so the Cover FX sunscreen is incredible because it’s SPF 30 so it will protect your oh so precious skin but it has a silicone-esque feel to it meaning it dries a bit more matte and is a much better base for your makeup, which is the main reason I absolutely love this. If you’re a gal who likes to get glam on a day to day basis this is the daily sunscreen for you.


And finally another sunscreen I did include in here is just the Solait Sunscreen by Superdrug. Which again is a lovely cheap and cheerful product but so so essential because it is SPF 50 which is one of the highest I can find. I like to wear this on top of my No7 moisturiser on the days when I am not wearing any makeup and I know that I need the SPF. Gotta stop those wrinkles coming along gals!


One of my absolute favourite things in the summer are sheet masks. I’ve sung the praises of these before but in the summer I love them so much because they feel so much more hydrating than normal face masks. After a long day in the sun especially if you’ve failed to listen to my point number one and you’ve got a bit sunburnt, you will love the feeling of having a fresh hydrating face mask on. It’s honestly one of my favourite feelings. Some of my favourite ones are from Sephora. They honestly just have the biggest selection for any mood you have and the Nip and Fab ones are some of my fav ones too!


Another thing I absolutely love in the summer is fake tan. Like I said I am a huge fan of SPF which coincidently means that I don’t tan as much so therefore I fake tan a whole lot more in the summer. Everyone else around me tans a lot better so some of the tans I have been loving are the Bondi Sands ones. The reason I love these is because they are the perfect undertone, they don’t make you go orange like some tans will (and I’ve had my fair share of this). The Bondi Sands one must have some sort of blue / green tone in it to counteract the orange that fake tans give sometimes. Plus they smell great too (but I love the smell of fake tan so if you don’t then maybe you won’t like the smell). I included the dark and medium ones because I personally choose between the two depending on how dark I want to go (usually I use the dark one because if I’m going to tan I usually want to go all out!) I find I use the mousse type tans when I want a good tan I can rely on these to make me super dark overnight however another tanning product I love is the L’Oreal Fabulous Exlir. Personally I find some normal fake tans to be quite drying on my skin however this is something that I love to use when I want to fake tan but also I want my skin to feel moisturised I use this. It feels like a serum for your skin but also gives you a gorgeous fake tan I loveee it!


Thank you for reading if you got this far! I’d love to know some of your staple products for the summer, let me know in the comments and we can have a lil chat!

Love Em




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