Eat By Chloe – vegan fast food!

I know this is completely different to my usual blog posts but recently I went to London and as a vegan(ish) I just had to go to the new ByChloe that just opened recently there. For those of you that don’t know ByChloe is a completely vegan fast food fast food chain (if you can call it a chain). I went to one in New York and they have only quite recently opened up one in London. I’m quite ashamed to admit (so please don’t hate) that I was very pro vegan but I’ve slightly fallen off the wagon with it. I’m still vegetarian and as far as possible I’ll avoid dairy products but if I’m being honest I don’t think I really have the right to call myself vegan anymore but I try!

Location 4/5

The location of it is brilliant in my opinion, I have had many experiences where I’ve spent too long and walked too far out of the centre to find hidden gems. However the location of ByChloe in London is great less than 5 minutes (if that it’s basically 1 minute away depending on your walking speed) from the central market of Covent Garden. In my opinion this is probably one of the best places they could have put it.

Atmosphere 3/5

We were quite lucky when we went as it was a bit late for lunch so we ate later and it was just quietening down from the lunchtime rush, but when we first arrived it took us a while to find a seat (we moved again anyway it was a little squashed). Apart from this the décor was “out there” in the words of my boyfriend but I loved it. They have three sets of swinging chairs and a great sign that says “Guac Save the Queen”, which is a prime instagram spot. I definitely saw at least 3 other girls taking pictures of or with that sign and of course I joined the chloeee

Food Quality 5/5

When the food came out I was a bit shocked about the portion sizes (but I’ll talk about that in a minute). The actual taste of the food was amazing. We ended up having the classic burger, mac and cheese, shepards pie and sweet potato fries, all of which were great! In my opinion the burger  or the mac and cheese was the best bit. Even my non vegan boyfriend rated it a 7/10 which I thought was higher than expected. We also had two of the cakes a slice of banana loaf and the macha blueberry muffin. I’m a massive fan of banana loaf so this was my favourite but everything tasted so good and just like as if it had dairy and eggs in!

Value for Money 1/5

I feel so bad giving the place such a low rating for this because it was incredible but personally I did think the prices were a bit of a rip off. I paid just shy of a tenner for my burger and if I’m being honest I expected it to be a little bit bigger for how much I paid. The Shepard’s pie was the biggest disappointment if I had to choose it was teeeniee tiny and was almost the same price as the burger I believe. I don’t think I’d have minded if the price were a bit more of a sit down type of restaurant but even though they were London prices I felt a little disappointed that the portion sizes were so small.

by chloe

Other bits

One thing I just had to mention which I thought was adorable is the fact they have pupcakes for doggies! I just thought it was such a cute thought. The whole vibe of the place is great and I’ll definitely go back there even if it is a little bit pricey. I would rather spend my money on places like that to keep them running – the world needs more fully vegan restaurants.


Have any of you guys been there? let me know! If anyone has any good vegan reccomendations please let me know in the comments I’d love to know.


Love Em x

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