Craving a holiday?

I know I am! It’s got to that point in the year where its far enough past Christmas and New Year that all that new excitement has gone but it’s not quite summer yet (or even spring apparently in the UK with this beast from the east a few weeks ago and one due again this weekend!) So I’m definitely just daydreaming about all the lovely hot holidays to go on so I thought I would share some of my dream locations that I would go if I had the time (and the dollar lets be honest). All my inspiration has come from Instagram which I’ll be including throughout this blog post – of course all will be linked and given credit!

Santorini – Greece

Genuinely one of the most exciting places that if I don’t get to go in my life I would be so sad. It just looks absolutely stunning from the photographs with the white buildings and blue roofs. The best bit – all you would probably get to do all day is explore the little streets and relax by the pool. I’ve heard it can be expensive though so may have to save up for this one.

Miami – Florida

Genuinely would absolutely love to go back to America, I’ve been to New York and LA before (and would love to go again) but because I’ve never properly been to Miami – Florida (apart from Disney in Florida) I would love to go experience it properly. I absolutely love the city lifestyle in American cities and Suzie from @hellooctober genuinely inspired me so much with her stories and instagram posts whilst she was out there.

Ibiza – Spain

Now I’m not the biggest club goer in the world. I’ll go once every so often but I cannot go out every night like I did once upon a time in first year university. But I feel like personally I’d love to experience Ibiza at least once in my life with my closest girls. I have actually heard its not just a party town it’s got some culture and nice beaches too but I obviously wouldn’t turn down a night out whilst I’m there. Another one to save up for though as my cousin told me that it’s super expensive for any drink in the clubs.

Budapest – Hungary

I’m pretty sure I must have been here as a kid because my mums auntie lives here but I don’t remember it if I did and even so I wouldn’t have got to explore the city properly. I love city breaks and exploring the little unknown streets of somewhere  and Budapest has been somewhere I wasn’t that fussed about going till one of my friends mentioned it and I did some research and it looks STUNNING!

Thanks for reading this spur of the moment post and if you’ve been to any of these places let me know I would love to get recommendations of where to go and what to do!

Love Em xx


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