Stress and how I deal with it

We all know there are times in life when everything hit gets a bit too much and I’ve definitely had one of those moments recently and it’s not fun. If you leave it and let the stress overwhelm you it could turn into panic and get a whole lot worse so here are some of my top tips on how to deal with stress  and get back to feeling chilled. The pictures throughout this post are some of my favourite products which I love to use when I’m feeling stressed – but I’ll go into these in more detail later.


The best thing is to stop stress before it even shows its ugly face. The best way to do that is make sure you look after yourself and your body. I know I sound like a nagging mum when I say this but sleep is so so important getting enough sleep has so many benefits I can’t even name but on the flip side if you don’t get enough sleep I find that I am so much more irritable and I just generally get more stressed out that day after a rubbish nights sleep. Something I find helps me with my sleep is number one my electric blanket, I get really cold at night so having that just helps me drift off easily and number two having a camomile or nighttime tea before bed makes me so relaxed before bed time.


Another thing is your diet and I don’t mean eating kale and spinach and quinoa all day every day (although I do love these three things). I mean having a balanced diet and yes that does mean eating healthily but also don’t work yourself up too much if you do have the odd takeaway or the odd chocolate (or the whole box…) you will only stress yourself out more when you restrict yourself. But honestly balance to me means eating healthily but also eating chocolate and takeaways just to keep your mind sane.


But even with all of this stress can still bubble and boil over so here are some of my tips for when you are feeling stressed.

My number 1 thing is to go have a bath especially when I have new products to try and I find soaking in the bath is such a good stress reliever especially if you’ve got a facemask. Recently I’ve been loving the Sephora sheet masks, I know they’re a pain to get hold of in the UK but sheet masks are so easy and not messy at all. But if I am feeling a proper facemask I’ve been loving the new L’Oreal pink clay face mask or one of my favourites for a long time has been the Glam Glow Supermud. Another thing for a bath that’s completely essential is bubbles. A new love of mine inspired by Saffron Barker’s Vlogs is the Laura Mercier bath soak it’s amazing and smells so good but a solid favourite of mine which is brilliant for when you’re feeling stressed is this Bath and bodyworks one which you can see I’ve used so much (I get stressed a fair amount it’s safe to say). Another brilliant thing to use in the bath is a good bath oil, they smell amazing and you come out of the bath with your body feeling so beautifully moisturised. And a good candle doesn’t hurt too!

bath oil

This one a few of you may hate but the gym and doing exercise literally helps so much especially when it’s that anger stress you’re feeling, lifting weights and just sweating it out helps rid you of all those feelings. I know I find it so difficult to drag myself to the gym but find a gym as close as possible to you then you almost have no excuse not to go but if you can’t afford (or don’t really want to spend the money) on a gym membership for a good 3 years when I was feeling stressed all I would do is go on a really long walk or run where I live. When I lived at uni we lived by the canal in Nottingham and honestly being able to walk or run along it was just bliss.

One of my best tips for stress and horrible feelings is to rely on your closest and trusted friends and family. I feel so lucky and so blessed to have some amazing friends, the best boyfriend and my parents to support me. When you’re feeling stressed taking the time out to spend time with friends helps so much!!

Another thing that is so important is knowing when to rest and take a break. If I’m feeling stressed at work sometimes instead of persevering with the job I’ll just go to the kitchen to have a cup of tea or go for a two minute walk and I find when I go back to my desk the problem that I’ve been getting stressed out about is so much easier. It’s the same with university work or revision or anything of the kind if you feel stressed taking a break having a nap, going on a walk or anything and coming back to it with a fresh mind helps so much. I do find that going on walks helps so much, but stay away from social media on these breaks, its not really a break for your mind if you’re still focusing on that kind of thing (I find anyway)

I hope these tips help you at least a little bit with when you’re stressed!

Love Emily x

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