January Favourites 2018

It’s a new year and I’m going to try and set a goal to do monthly favourites. It might not seem hard it’s only 12 posts that I’m wanting to commit myself to but I find myself not using or trying enough products that I can get a decent amount for a favourites post. I’m not even sure if I have enough for this post but I can’t start with failure ey!?

My first thing that I’ve been loving, I’ve only recently discovered it in my drawers where products just get lost and overlooked so I don’t think this is even remotely new but it’s the Rodial dragons blood eye cream. There are two reasons I love it so much one because of the way it feels when I put it on my skin, it does tingle which made me scared the first time I used it because it was so close to my eye but I knew it was actually working and doing something. Also it has a slight gel like consistency which makes it feel super hydrating under my eyes which I love. Secondly it has a pump type contraption to get out the product which is so much better than normal eye creams because you’re not leaving any dirt or anything in the pot that you might have had on your hands – super hygienic!


Another thing I’ve been loving in January is the IT Cosmetics CC Cream. The reason I’ve loved this is because it has SPF 50 and I was skiing for my birthday – which a vlog style video will be coming soon for this! With it being such high SPF and has a nice decent amount of coverage it was perfect to wear whilst on the slopes even my friends started borrowing it and fell in love with it whilst we were all away. One of my best friends wore it underneath her foundation because she wanted more full coverage during the day and she said it sat beautifully under foundation and of course it protected our skin throughout the day which was great!

A cleanser I’ve been absolutely loving this month is the Pixi Double cleanse. I bought this at Beautycon London in December and if I’m being honest I didn’t really use it throughout December because of Christmas and just general festivities I didn’t have the time to try out new products. But in January I found it again and started using it and it’s so so so good. I heard people saying it breaks some people out but for me it just makes my skin so clear because you cleanse twice your skin just feels super super clean and soft afterwards! I laaaave it!


An favourite that is actually makeup (I know I’m already slacking on trying new makeup whoops) is the Kat Von D Concealer Creme. Sorry Tarte I do love you but shape tape I will always say is too thick, looks cakey and just doesn’t agree with my undereyes. The Kat Von D Concealer though!!!!! It’s creamy and beautiful and full coverage and just amazing goodness. The only thing they don’t have the best shade range for darker deeper skin tones than what they do for light people like they even have a white concealer for paler complexions, but the dark selection isn’t the best. Definitely one to try if you’re looking for a concealer that’s got the coverage but doesn’t feel so so thick like shape tape.

A quite random favourite which isn’t a beauty favourite but a music favourite is Jordan Lipscombe’s playlist on spotify called GET LITTY WITH ME which is just great if you love rap style music and music that makes you feel bad and boojie you’ll love it! I’ve been listening to it in my new car when I’m cruising along.

And finally how could I forget my new car has definitely been a favourite this month! For my 21st Birthday I managed to get a new car my beautiful baby Audi A3 Sportsback in white and I’m obsessed! I was sad to see my little red polo go but being able to actually have a car that has power and is just so aesthetically pleasing makes me so happy!


What have been your favourites of the month?? I’d love to know,

Love Emily xxx


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