Huda Beauty battle of the palettes.

Hi my loves,

Sorry for the lack of posts recently life has just been catching up with me and I’ve been super busy but anyway lets get on to what you really came here for!

The Huda Beauty palettes!

When I bought the Huda Beauty Rose gold edition palette I had been trying to get hold of it for months and finally when I went out to visit my dad in Doha in Sephora there it was. Even though with the exchange rate I had to pay ever so slightly more for it (only about £3 or £4 worth). I was so excited when I got it because everybody online had been taking about it before I was able to get my hands on it.

The palette has 6 what Huda calls 3D metal eyeshadows which are highly pigmented very glittery and shimmery almost creme eyeshadows. They have been called textured eyeshadows and thats exactly what they are textured goodness of pinks and golds and dark bronze colours. These are applied best with your finger which I assume the warmth of your finger is key to making the eyeshadow so creamy. I’ve found I really dislike the way they apply with a brush but they aren’t supposedly meant for a brush.

She then has 2 “Chromatic pressed pearl eyeshadows” which to me they are just very nice shimmer eyeshadows which are probably best applied with a flat brush.

The other 10 eyeshadows are true matte shadows which personally are some of the most pigmented matte shadows I have ever seen which for the price they better had be the best shadows I’ve ever seen.

Overall I was completely in love with the Huda Beauty Rose gold edition palette.

Onto the newer Desert Dusk Palette

I have to admit I wasn’t as excited to get this palette as I was the rose gold edition palette, but that was probably just because the rose gold edition one was the first palette she bought out and there was a lot of hype around it. Thats not to say that I wasn’t ridiculously excited when I ordered the desert dusk palette.

One thing I think is a lot better in this palette is the fact that you get a mirror which is makes the palette worth your money a bit more in my opinion. This palette comes with 8 matte shades, six pressed pearls, three duochromes and one pressed glitter which I personally think is super brave trying to press a glitter into a palette.

Personally I didn’t get on as well as I did with the first palette compared to this one. Some of the shimmery shadows just didn’t look like they actually were in the pan which was a bit disappointing but I was blown away by the mattes in this palette, especially the lighter shades. In some palettes you’ll get a lighter shade which the payoff isn’t as pigmented as you want it to be but in the desert dusk I was very impressed with the pigmentation of them.


Hope you enjoyed reading about my thoughts on the palettes! If you want to hear more from me I’ve got a video that goes more into depth and also shows swatches of both the palettes!!

Let me know if you guys have either of the two palettes and what you guys think of it, I love to hear your thoughts!


Lots of love Emily

x x



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  1. The Beauty Stage says:

    ahhh i really want the desert dusk one!! the shades are soo prettty!

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