Fenty Beauty – is it worth the hype?

If you’re any way interested in the beauty community at the moment you’ll have heard of Fenty Beauty the new makeup range by Rhianna. Everyone and their mum is talking about it! I didn’t want to purchase too much from the range because I know that I just wouldn’t use all the products so I only decided to purchase the Foundation and one of the Killawatt highlighters from the range.


Firstly the packaging of the products is insane the box has a very edgy style to it. Personally I absolutely love it. The actual products themselves however I don’t particularly love as much, it just feels only what I can describe as really “plasticky”. Trying to explain what I mean by this will be a challenge but I will try. The top to the foundation and the entirety of the packaging on the Killawatt highlighter feels cheap and like very thin plastic to me anyway. To compare I have a Jouer Cosmetics Highlighter where the packaging is still plastic however it feels more heavy duty and luxurious than the plastic on the Killawatt highlighter. This aside the actual bottle for the foundation is beautiful it’s a frosted glass and that feels very high end and it actually comes with a pump (which I think should come as standard on foundations these days!!) which gives it a thumbs up in my eyes. The mirror inside the highlighter is a very good quality mirror good enough lets say to be able to do your makeup whilst traveling.


Now down to business is the actual product inside worth it? The Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear foundation retails for £26 on Harvey Nichols and for $34 on Sephora for all you lucky enough to have a Sephora in your country! This price in comparison to some other foundations on the market is not too bad in my opinion. I mean she’s Rhianna she could have put the foundation at a ridiculous price and all us beauty junkies would have still bought it anyway. The finish of the foundation is stunning it’s matte but not heavy as it’s a very liquid formula so I find it sits quite comfortably on my skin. I’m yet to find a foundation that doesn’t let my oils peak through after 6 + hours. After my shift at work where it was very hot and I was wearing the foundation I did get slightly oily on my T-Zone but the foundation wore very well some foundations will break up and look cakey after a long amount of time this however wore down very nicely and didn’t break up or crease at all after my shift at work which I was impressed with (with no touch ups I should add). The only proper negative I have about this foundation is the way it oxidises on your skin. It does not stay the colour that it first applies as which is slightly annoying as the shade that I have is perfect for my skin tone when it’s first applied but changes when I blend it in but I’ve managed to make it work. All I could recommend is that you get a shade lighter than what you expect to be and with 40 shades of foundation to choose from (YES she brought out 40 different shades) it shouldn’t be too difficult.


The killawatt highlighter is beautiful!! I got the shade hu$la baby / mean money which is described as a soft champagne sheen and a supercharged peachy champagne shimmer. I think the description is perfect of these. In the pan it basically has two highlights which I think one is perfect for a subtle look in the day time then you can apply the other for a more beaming highlight at night. The shade that I got is stunning and I absolutely love it the only thing I noticed it did fade quicker than other highlighters I own I wore the highlighter with the foundation on the same shift and noticed that my glow wasn’t as strong as it was at the start of the shift, half way through.



What do you think of the fenty beauty collection?? Do you have any bits or is there anything you’re dying to get? Let me know I love to hear your thoughts!


Love Emily x


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  1. The Beauty Stage says:

    ahh ive been dying to try the highlighters!! great post ❤

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment, you should definitely try them they’re fab!! X

      Liked by 1 person

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