Estée Edit Review

There is no doubt about it when Estée Lauder came out with the Estée Edit everyone was  impressed including myself that Estée Lauder had brought out a range for younger people. I for one was very excited as I had always looked at the products that my mum bought from Estée Lauder and they never really excited me much but seeing the packaging and what they were bringing out with the Estée Edit really intrigued me.

Estee Edit bagA while back in Selfridges I was shopping and they had a promotion on that if you bought three products from the range you got a free goodie bag with some deluxe size samples in and I don’t ever really need much convincing when it comes to buying more makeup so it was the perfect excuse.

The three things I ended up buying were some of the best sellers according to the store assistant. I bought the Flash Illuminator in 01 Heat, The Barest Blush in 02 Coy Coral and The Barest Lip colour in 03 Exposed.3 products

First of all I have to give the packaging a huge rating because the whole collection is stunning! All of the products have this amazing silver packaging which I think is very sleek and stylish, I almost don’t want to ever put them away and keep them out almost as decoration. The highlighter is stunning and what else would you expect from a higher end brand like Estée Lauder, it’s not a chunky highlighter however it’s not the most bright highlight that is on the market you do have to build it up if you want to get something a lot more blinding. Personally I wouldn’t expect any different from Estée Lauder as they are a brand that usually has been geared towards a softer subtle makeup look and it means that people who do want a more natural look can achieve this with this product.

open products 3The blush colour (completely not true to colour in the photo) it is a very bright coral pink which personally I was surprised that I bought as I am not usually the type of person to like a bright blush. However I ventured out and bought it when the Estée Lauder shop assistant put the blush on me I really liked the way it looked. Again like the highlighter you can use a small amount of product and it doesn’t go on too heavy handed and it’s easy to blend out.

Finally the lipstick that I bought called Exposed I absolutely love it! It’s very subtle colour and has a satin creamy finish which you can build up but I wouldn’t compare this to the pigment of the mac lipsticks for example. In the lipstick there are ingredients in it that make it hydrating and good for your lips, and it smells like rose petals which for me is my favourite scent ever! The only bad thing about this is it means the colour doesn’t have the same staying power as other lipsticks I own but it does make it perfect for every day when my lips are on the drier side.


Now on to the whole reason why I was so intrigued to buy some bits from the collection the offer where you got some freebies! I got a 75ml of the White Mud exfoliating scrub and mask, which I think are the best kinds of masks that dry on your face and detox your skin and then when you take them off turn into a scrub to get rid of the dead skin cells on the surface. I have found that this mask is incredible for my skin type (which is normal to oily by the way). They have definitely worked their magic on me because when I run out of it more than likely I will be going online and buying more.

free samples 2

Another thing that was included in the free samples was The Edgiest Kohl in 04 Twisted which is a sea green blue colour, which I would never have bought if I didn’t get it free because I don’t tend to wear those kinds of colours but it means I can now experiment with different kinds of eyeliner and I have also used it as an all over lid colour which I thought looked quite cool. It has a LOT of staying power, I remember swatching it on my hand and it took a fair amount of effort to get off but that is good for an eye product meaning it won’t budge from your eyes for the whole day.

I also got a very teenie tiny photo finish gloss which is just a clear gloss to wear over the top of lipsticks but I have never had a gloss that is so shiny and light reflective and stays for a long amount of time, next time I go into Selfridges I may have to pick myself up a full size one.


Overall I am loving my products from the Estée Edit and I can’t wait to try out more of what they have. Have you got any of their products? Let me know which I should try next!!

Lots of love Emily xx




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