JaclynHillXMorphe Palette Review


I realise that this palette has now been out for a little while now but I wanted to give my honest and full review of this pallet having tested and used it.

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love Morphe, but everything I have bought from them in the past has been from beauty bay.com or I have bought things in their store when I have been in america. This was the first time I had actually ordered from the Morphe website and if I’m being completely honest the tax and the shipping that I’ve had to pay extra costs more than the palette itself which is a bit unreasonable I think. So if I lived in America I would think that the palette is completely worth the price but because I’m in England it has been very expensive for what it is.

I completely understand that Morphe have tried to keep the costs low with this palette and spend most of the money into the actual eyeshadows but personally I would have still preferred to have Morphe’s normal packaging on the palette as I am terrified because it is cardboard of accidentally getting it wet and ruining it and because it is white cardboard it means if I accidentally get any makeup on it it’ll be there to stay.


Putting all those factors aside the actual eyeshadows are insane some of the mattes kick up quite a bit of shadow when you put your brush into them which feels like you’re wasting product but I think thats just how they can pack the pigment into the shadow. I love the colour range of this pallet it’s got almost everything you could ever want although I would have loved a lighter matte colour that I can set my concealer or eye primer with.

If anything could tell you how much I love this palette though. It has become one of those palettes that doesn’t even go into my drawers it stays out so that I can use it almost every day (thats when I bother with eyeshadow). It really is one of the most stunning pallets I own but I think we all knew it would be with Jaclyn at the wheel of creating it!


Have any of you guys got this palette? If you have let me know what looks you have created with it I’m so excited to try out even more fun looks with it.

Lots of love

Emily x


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  1. These pictures are so pretty! I’ve read so much good things about this palette, the shades are gorg 🙂

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    1. the palette is so so stunning i would definitely recommend getting it!


  2. The Beauty Stage says:

    this palette is one of my favorites!!<3 did a look with it on my blog! hope you can check out my blog sometime too 🙂

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