Becca Cosmetics is an amazing company!!

I have been holding off posting this just because I wanted to be able to give a quick little review about each product I had been sent and now I feel like I can fully say my opinions on all these products eeee!

After the whole  fiasco with the Jaclyn Hill x Becca Cosmetics eyeshadow palette being a bit of a let down I emailed straight away. I live in the UK so when I ordered the pallet on Sephora’s website I had to pay a lot of shipping tax (I can’t express how jealous I am of people who live in the US). They emailed me back quickly asking for my home address to send me some goodies as a consolation. I was shocked with what they sent. I felt like I had been gifted a PR package and I couldn’t express how happy I was and still am to this day. I will always love Becca Cosmetics as a brand because of this I think they have the most amazing people in their customer service team.

So lets get into what they gifted me!


I was given the Backlight priming filter. –  This product was amazing but personally for my skin type I didn’t particularly get on with it. On a day to day basis I look for something that has oil control and pore minamising properties. However I feel if you’re looking for something that gives you just a glow thats not shimmery or glittery under your makeup it’s perfect for that.


The shimmering skin perfector liquid in Opal. – I never particularly got on well with liquid products, in any form liquid bronzer or liquid highlighter or anything I just never really see the point. Although this product if you want a lovely glow you can just dab it on with your beauty blender before you go in with powders and if you do layer it with a powder highlighter it looks incredible!


The shimmering skin perfector pressed in Opal – I already knew I loved this as this is one of the only products I had already owned so they basically sent me a backup. Its beautiful, it isn’t too glittery or powdery mmm I love it. The only thing is one of my friends has this product and found it is so easily smashed if you drop it, so if you do purchase this BE CAREFUL with it!

The shimmering skin perfector poured in Opal – Now this I wasn’t expecting to love as much as I do. Everyone has been in absolute love with the whole highlighter beaming bright glowing look but personally unless you’re going out for a night on the town with the girls I’m not really into that. So this product if you just take it with your beauty blender or makeup sponge and put it on the high points of your face it gives the most amazing natural glow. (You can see I’ve been loving it so much from the huge dent in the photograph oops)


The mineral blush in Wild Honey – I’m not the biggest fan of blusher, I personally prefer to stick to bronzer and a nice highlighter, just because I have a very red face naturally and I don’t see the point putting in all the effort to cover that up just to put it back on. So if I do ever wear blusher its very subtle and this colour wild honey oh my it’s beautiful for someone like me who doesn’t like a bright pinky colour and the formula is oh so creamy.


The luminous blush in Snapdragon – I’m going to be honest, I never reach for this as I just mentioned I don’t wear blush often. This colour is far too bright for me to wear as a blush and is there such a thing as too pigmented because if there is this is it… Personally I find it very difficult to make my blush look nice without going overboard with this. However I’m tempted to see how this product does as an eyeshadow. I’ll keep you posted.


The under eye brightening corrector – This I use all the time!! The only other under eye colour corrector I used before this was the NYX one and now I cannot decide which is my favourite. I have very dark under eye bags which are quite sunken in. This product is perfect for that because it is brightening and has reflective particles but don’t mistake me saying that for it being highlighting or something, it just makes your under eyes look so refreshed. Using this underneath concealer and powder is amazing although it’s very sticky so only use a very little amount.

The one perfecting brush – Becca advertise this as an all rounder brush that you can use lots of different products with. I’ve only used it for contouring, I absolutely loved it for a while as it was just so quick to be able to contour with but I’m not sure if it was the brush or the product that I used but my skin very quickly broke out very very badly only on my contour area. I don’t think it could have been the brush because it was new but I’m not sure so I stopped using it and my skin has slowly started to get better but still is not back to what it was before I started using that combination. So I am very unsure on it however I think it’ll be brilliant for body bronzing in the summer when I go out for on my chest and legs.

BEcca Brush


Have you guys tried any of these products and if you have let me know your thoughts!

Lots of love Emily x



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  1. Love the post! The products are great, I’m gonna have to check out some of there stuff. 💖
    Would love it if you would check out my blog
    New post later!


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