Wedding Lookbook

Recently my lovely cousin got married (congratulations guys if you’re reading this I know you follow me sometimes) and personally I was so excited to actually dress up because it’s not very often that I actually get to do it. So of course I went straight to ASOS and ordered lots of pretty things that I could possibly wear on the day.

I love having options to wear for occasions like this so I bought three different dresses and some clutches and shoes!


As for the actual day I only wore two of the outfits, I was actually planning on wearing the jumpsuit to the dinner the night before which I did and one of the dresses on the actual day. But halfway through the day I decided to get changed because I felt so much more comfortable in the jumpsuit than I did the dress.

Dress 1 (In Video) Here and Here are similar dresses

Dress 2 (In picture) Here is the tall version and here is a similar one

Jumpsuit (In video and picture)Here is a similar one

I could not find the exact shoes I was wearing in the video but Here Here Here Here Here and Here are similar shoes.

Clutch (In Video)  Here is another pretty clutch I would use

I could not find the exact earrings I wore in the video (they broke anyway after wearing them once) but here and here are some pretty alternatives.

Have you guys got anything exciting coming up that you’re looking forward to dressing up for? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love Emily xx


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