Charlotte Tilbury Goodies

I feel like a lot of the beauty community have been falling back in love with the wonderful makeup brand that is Charlotte Tilbury recently. Personally I have always been a massive fan of her products especially her lipsticks and lip liners. I feel like this is what the brand absolutely excels in.


However I’ve recently purchased the film star bronze and glow pallet and the magic foundation and I’ve been wanting to share my thoughts on both of them with you.

The highlight and contour duo is amazing. No the highlighter isn’t as blinding as some out on the market but personally (prepare to be shocked) I’m not the biggest fan of that bright blinding see me from outer space kind of highlighter that everyone is obsessed with at the minute. It’s just a beautiful sheen to your cheekbone without being glittery or chunky.


The contour is the perfect shade of brown for contouring. It is not a warm bronzer, it is for the hollows of your cheeks and does the job perfectly  without looking too ashy. Some products that I have tried for this can be far too cool toned. What I’ve also noticed about it is you don’t have to be scared to dip your brush into the product, yes we all love a pigmented contour pallet that gives you that sculpted cheek and uses hardly any product to do so but sometimes it’s better (especially for people who aren’t as used to wearing makeup or are new to it) to have a pallet that you can build up easily and don’t have to excessively tap off your brush before you use it. I know that for my mum she loves borrowing this and she goes absolutely crazy with her brush but it still looks lovely on her!

The Magic Foundation I personally think is one of my new every day favourites for £30 its quite expensive but not as excessive as some other high end brands in my opinion. Especially as on the website it claims to have many beneficial ingredients to help your skin as well as boost your collagen levels and having spf 15 makes it brilliant for day to day use. It’s not the most full coverage foundation I have used in my life but certainly not the least and it has a semi matte finish. On my skin type I would say it’s medium coverage but you can build it to pretty full coverage with the help of some spot concealing as well.


Some people say the packaging is “old lady like” but personally I think it’s classic and if you see videos and photos of Charlotte herself online I feel like it really reflects her personality and who doesn’t love rose gold these days!

Charlotte Tilbury has been one of my favourite brands since I bought my first lipstick from her. Since then my love affair started and long may it continue.


Lots of love,

Emily xo



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