Kylie glosses so cute or not so cute?

After purchasing Kylie Jenner’s lip kits not so long ago and noticing the change since the first launch to the second and not being impressed with it, I said that I wouldn’t buy from Kylie Cosmetics again.


But of course temptation got the better of me when her birthday collection came out. I was on the website trying to get as much of that birthday collection as possible when I saw that her glosses were in stock. I decided to buy Like and So cute buying all three didn’t seem worth it in my opinion as they’re all so similar.

I wasn’t exactly expecting much seeing as I wasn’t best pleased with her liquid lipsticks. But I found I was pleasantly surprised with the formula of the glosses. Most people when they first came out were very disappointed with the fact that the applicator was all messed up however when I ordered mine it was after this whole scandal so they had changed them and mine were fine.


However I still think they should change the applicator on the glosses to something similar to their liquid lips because the brush I find leaves a streak on my lips, but when I rub my lips together I find that goes away almost immediately.

The pigmentation of the glosses are really good quality and have a lot of colour. They don’t last too long but you can’t expect them to as glosses aren’t meant to be super long wearing.

All in all I definitely prefer the glosses to her matte liquid lips they’re so much more comfortable.

Thanks for reading lots of love

Emily x

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