Battle of the ABH Brow products

In my opinion Anastasia Beverly Hills are the absolute ruler in the beauty world in terms of brow products (they also have some absolutely stunning highlighters but thats for another day and another post). In this post the three products that I will be going through are the Dipbrow Pomade, the Brow Wiz and the newest to ABH’s brow collection – the Brow Definer.

brow wiz and definerDipbrow boxdipbrow

The Brow Wiz

This is a retractable pencil which has a small spoolie on one end, it’s very very thin only about 3mm in diameter so I find this perfect to get the very end of my brow to a perfect little point, its useful having it just to get the most precise brow ever because of how teenie tiny it is. I only ever got the colour in Taupe because that matches me almost perfectly but they do have 10 shades on the ABH website which is amazing considering many other brands sometimes only have 3 – 5 shades for brow products. I cannot say for myself that the other shades would match a brunette perfectly but you would probably be able to find a shade that does match. The only thing I would say about the Brow Wiz is the actual amount of product that you get for your money isn’t the best. You only get 0.003oz of product for the $21 or around £15.50 that it costs which personally I think is a joke! Just to compare the other day I got a tester from benefits new brow range which had 0.03oz of product completely free!

The Brow Definer

This is much like the Brow Wiz in looks and the way it works but in a slightly bigger tube (on top in the photo). It still has the spoolie on one end but the shape of the actual product is completely different it’s in a triangular shape that twists out of one end. The Brow Definer has the exact same shade range as the Brow Wiz as does the dip brow which makes it easier if you know your shade and just want to change up the product. The bigger pencil makes it so much easier and quicker to fill in you brows than the Brow Wiz, I would feel like doing my eyebrows would be such a chore with the small pencil of the Wiz however with the Definer it takes almost no time whatsoever. However myself and some people I know found that the retractable pencil actually broke off and fell out of the tube and for the price I don’t really think that’s acceptable. The brow definer has 0.007oz which is a little bit more product than the Brow Wiz I feel like this is just due to its larger shaped pencil, I still feel like I’m going to run out of it so so quick though and for $23 which is about £16 its not that much product either.

Dipbrow Pomade

Personally this is my favourite out of the three. It comes in a little pot a bit like the paint pots from Mac Cosmetics. This could be considered its downside, the other two products you can pick up and use straight away whereas with this you would have to invest in a small angled brush to use it with but in my opinion it’s completely worth it. You only need to use a small amount of product on the brush which you can brush through your brows for a more natural look or you could also use a lot to get thick defined looking brows. In the pot you get 0.14oz for $18 or around £15 which personally I think is the best value for money and will last you longer. The only thing you may have to be careful of is it drying out as it is in a pot which I’ve had many of products in pot containers do that to me in the past but so far so good with the Dipbrow.

For my English readers out there here is an amazing website that sells many american brands (including ABH) without having to pay the horrendous shipping that websites such as sephora would make you pay.

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  1. Sophia Cho says:

    I love ABH brow wiz! I actually wrote about it on my recent post! Loved the post! Please check out my latest post if you get the chance, it’d mean a lot! xx

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    1. I’ve checked it out absolutely loving some of your posts!! x

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