Jaclyn I love you but really?

Like every other beauty blogger out there I was eagerly awaiting the launch of the Champagne collection the collaboration between Jaclyn Hill and Becca Cosmetics. When it launched I was quickly on the Sephora website ordering the products I had been seeing all over Instagram. There is no denying that the products are absolutely stunning I mean who doesn’t love golden shiny things.


I bought the Face Pallet that includes the new Prosecco Pop. The eye shadow pallet which looked absolutely stunning online, and the liquid illuminator Champagne Pop from the new collection, I already had the original Champagne Pop Hilighter and I did not feel the need to buy Champagne Pop Creme.

I must admit the only thing I have tried out properly so far is the eye shadow pallet, I have dipped in and out of the face pallet and the liquid illuminator, but not enough to give my full opinion on them (but absolutely beautiful so far). I suddenly got very scared when Jaclyn released on her Snapchat that Becca had messed up the production with the eyeshadow pallet, this is what I’ve been trying to use and to make it work to give my opinion on this post. I was saddened to find that my pallet was one that suffered from poor pigmentation and (although it looks gorgeous in the photos) just wasn’t up to standard compared to the usual of Becca Cosmetics. The colours look absolutely stunning in the pallet however when swatched aren’t that brilliant.


I know that Jaclyn has asked Becca to pull the product from production which takes so much bravery from her to stand up to such a big company and to say she doesn’t want it to be in production. But what I find even more amazing is Becca Cosmetics listened to her and as Jaclyn had said it takes a really good company to actually listen to Jaclyn’s wishes. I actually emailed Becca Cosmetics care seeing as my pallet was affected and seeing as I live in the UK to return it to Sephora would cost me a bomb in shipping so they have offered some sort of gift they are sending me, so I’m excited to see whats in that. Stay tuned for a possible blog post on that!

Anyone who got a pallet that was affected email beccacosmetics@care.com and they get back to you reasonably quickly and do resolve the issue.

But aside from this hiccup I think Jaclyn has done amazing on this launch, she is honestly one of my biggest inspirations in the beauty industry it saddens me to be writing on a negative note about her but it looks like the rest of the collection has gone off with a bang!

What do you guys think of the new collection? And whats your favourite product?

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