Smashbox primer water, is it just fancy water?

When I was shopping around Boots the Smashbox counter caught my eye. Lets all admit that we’ve all been dragged in by the look of the makeup counters. Whilst I was browsing I saw the primer water, I had always been intrigued by it but always stopped myself buying it because I thought it wouldn’t be worth the money as it just looked like fancy water. I bought the product with my own money and being a student thats a big deal for me costing £20 for 3.9 fl ounce.

Smashbox Primer water 1

The black box that it comes in is very sleek and minimalistic. At first I didn’t like the packaging having the product on the front but it has been growing on me. I’m a sucker for pretty packaging. As for the bottle itself it is a plastic bottle but still quite sturdy. Many people would have liked the bottle to be glass just so it looks more luxurious, but I like the plastic as it doesn’t seem to me to be a bad bottle and me being ridicously clumsy its safer to have it plastic than glass to avoid smashing it on the floor.

Although it’s name is the smash box photo finish primer water, on the back of the box it states you can use as a primer before makeup application, as a setting spray to lock your makeup look, or as a perfecter to wake up your makeup. I really like that it can be used for 3 different purposes rather than just a under foundation primer.

Smashbox Primer water 2

First I used the primer water as a under foundation primer. Personally unless I really check up on it every 2 or 3 hours I can never fully understand how well a product is working, which being at university for most of the day, is very difficult. So how I decided to test this is by comparison, I applied my makeup as I usually would on one half of my face without a primer and the other half I spritzed the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water on. When I first applied my foundation over the top I honestly couldn’t notice a difference in how it applied. But as I wore it throughout the day I was sat in a lecture and I could feel the side of my face I had applied the product felt a lot more firm than the side of my face without the primer water on not uncomfortable but this was only the first time I was able to notice the difference between the two sides of my face. The feeling was like the primer water was holding onto my makeup and not letting it slide over my face as I’m naturally quite oily especially in summer.

When I got home I looked at myself in the mirror properly for the first time that day since putting on the product to one half of my face, I visibly noticed that after about 6 hours wear the half of my face without the primer water was noticeably showing more oil on my cheeks and around my nose whereas the side with the primer water had managed to keep my oil at bay and not show through. (I am really hoping that nobody noticed my face looking funnily oily on one side and not the other). As I wore my makeup for the rest of that evening the oil in my skin did start to peak through but that was expected as towards the end of the day.

Smashbox Primer water 3

The box claims to Prime by misting to create our sheerest canvas for makeup, Hydrate skin for hours and Revitalise complexion to boost radiance. These are the exact word for word claims on the back of the packaging. Personally compared to a lot of primers I own I would not say this is as hydrating as others I own but it is defiantly not drying to the skin as I have an oily complexion but I’m not sure how it would work on dry skin. I do know friends that swear by this product and they have dry skin but I cannot speak for that.

So in my opinion no it isn’t just “fancy water” and for £20 and I’m not even halfway through the product and now I bought it over 3 months ago, so hopefully it will last a while. Well done Smashbox!


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