Craving a holiday?

I know I am! It's got to that point in the year where its far enough past Christmas and New Year that all that new excitement has gone but it's not quite summer yet (or even spring apparently in the UK with this beast from the east a few weeks ago and one due again … Continue reading Craving a holiday?


February Favourites

I'm not sure if I'm going to do a blog post for every favourites that I have but I felt like it this month so here we go! I am so sorry that my favourites are all over the place and I've just put in some random things haha. My first favourite are two things … Continue reading February Favourites

Huda Beauty battle of the palettes.

Hi my loves, Sorry for the lack of posts recently life has just been catching up with me and I've been super busy but anyway lets get on to what you really came here for! The Huda Beauty palettes! When I bought the Huda Beauty Rose gold edition palette I had been trying to get … Continue reading Huda Beauty battle of the palettes.

Estée Edit Review

There is no doubt about it when Estée Lauder came out with the Estée Edit everyone was  impressed including myself that Estée Lauder had brought out a range for younger people. I for one was very excited as I had always looked at the products that my mum bought from Estée Lauder and they never really … Continue reading Estée Edit Review